Brand: AGM Logo
Brand: AGM envelopes, business cards and letterheads
Brand: Cardiac Health Care logo
Brand: Grandmaster Solutions logo
Brand: Grandmaster Solutions business card


Print: Cornerstone brochure, Data Products Division
Print: Cornerstone brochure, Fundraising Division
Print: Cornerstone brochure, List Brokerage/Management/Processing Division
Print: Cornerstone brochure, Marketing Database Services Division
Print: Cornerstone brochure, Publishing Division
Print: Cornerstone TradeShow Poster for Doubleday
Print: Cornerstone TradeShow Poster for Enchantress
Print: Promotion for Wiser Band


Web: Cuba, Flash Banner
Web: Healthy Living, Flash Banner
Web: Swan Lake, Flash Banner
Web: Toronto Star's Pages of the Past, Flash Banner
Web: Totto Spa, Flash Banner
Web: Childhood, email campaign
Web: Canadian Home & Country, email campaign
Web: Design Engineering, email campaign
Web: Food, email campaign
Web: Canadian Gardening, email campaign
Web: Outdoor Canada, email campaign
Web: Canadian Home Workshop, email campaign